EU: Digital Innovation Challenge for SMEs and startups


€ 80.000

European Commission



The Digital Innovation Challenge invites SMEs and startups, providers of digital services across Europe, to propose innovative services and solutions based on the European Commission open and reusable solutions. 

Recognising the importance of SMEs within the European economy, the European Commission is launching the Digital Innovation Challenge to SMEs and startups across Europe — to the ones that are willing to innovate and grow their business by taking the lead towards making a digital Europe1, the ones who think big, play smart and stand out. Through this challenge the European Commission aims to experiment new ways to engage with SMEs and startups to re-imagine how open and reusable solutions are created and promoted, stimulate awareness and, ultimately, increase their adoption.

The applicants must be considered as one of the following categories of companies:

  • Legal entities responding to the European Commission definition of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs),
  • Startups, defined as companies younger than 5 years old, proposing a product, service or business model innovation, and with a clearly stated intention to grow the number of employees/markets they operate in.

SMEs and startups must be headquartered in EU Member States, Iceland or Norway. The applications must be submitted in English.

The challenge is particularly targeted at Digital SMEs and startups that would like to accelerate their digitally-enabled growth and leverage on already existing components that provide basic capabilities to facilitate the delivery of digital, interoperable, cross-border and cross-domain services and solutions.

As a participant you will develop a concept of a service or solution that can:

  • Reinforce your service offering by using standards-based solutions,
  • Facilitate cross-border operations and tap into pan-European markets,
  • Reach a higher level of security, interoperability and compliance of the services and solutions offered.

This challenge invites participants to shape a concept for a service or solution that could be integrated in their company business offer. The proposed service or solution concept must be based on one or more of the open and reusable solutions provided by the European Commission.

This challenge proposes SMEs and startups to reuse solutions provided by the European Commission. These solutions are technical specifications, open standards, software and tools that are free to use by any public and private sector entity. These are the open and reusable solutions:

  • Trusted and secure services and solutions (compliant with eIDAS regulation),
  • Smart governance and data management services and solutions,
  • Other services and solutions.

The participants should provide a relevant, viable, scalable, desirable and actionable concept proposal for a product/market fit service/solution reusing one or more of the solutions in scope of the challenge. 

The 10 shortlisted finalists are expected to make a pitch (PPT format and/or videos can be used as supporting materials) of the service/solution covering the most relevant elements from the proposal.



Consorzio; Impresa o Professionista; Cooperativa

micro impresa; piccola impresa; media impresa

Industria; Turismo; Commercio; Costruzioni; Audiovisivo; Servizi; ICT; Bancario – Assicurativo; Trasporti; Energia; Agricoltura; Sanità; Cultura; Sociale – No Profit – Altro; Farmaceutico; Alimentare



Premi e Borse

Participants in this challenge will get the opportunity to:

  • Improve their awareness and knowledge about the open and reusable solutions provided by the European Commission;
  • Get inspired by success stories of other SMEs and startups that already reused those solutions;
  • Test and showcase how these solutions can bring added value to their business.

The 10 best shortlisted applications will be invited to attend a one-day co-creation bootcamp to:

  • Pitch their ideas, get visibility and receive feedback;
  • Work with coaches and receive guidance to further develop their service/solution;
  • Connect with people within the European Commission and other SMEs.

The 3 top ranked proposals will:

  • Get a financial reward up to euros 50.000;
  • Be invited to receive their prize at the award ceremony to be held in the context of one of the flagship events of the European Commission in 2020;
  • Get exposure that can contribute to their business growth.

Investimento minimo

€ 0

Investimento massimo

€ 0



The closing date for application is 28 February 2020, 12.00 pm Brussels time.




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